CX4 - Sawing, Milling, Polishing - Full production, just one machine!

• Three open sides
• Full size work table
• Fully Automatic
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Four axis cantilevered monoblock stone CNC machine

The CX4 has been designed with high production in mind. With the CX4’s compact design, open gantry for easy loading and innovative, easy-to-use software you will save valuable time on the whole CNC process.

What do you want to do? The flexibility of three completely open sides mean you can find the best solution for your specific needs and requirements. The simplicity of the ScandSOFT software allows for quick set up times. The efficiency of a robust and powerful spindle, together with the monoblock design means future layout changes are also easy with the flexible CX4 CNC.

4 interpolated axis means all the machines axis can work together simultaneously. Precision machining with 4 interpolated axis means you can finish a complete workpiece in one set up. Not only does an interpolated 4-axis CNC save money, 4-axis machining opens the door for more complex contour work, which may require simultaneous movement of all axis. The CX4 offers high precision on all axis.

CX4 with ScandSOFT™
ScandSOFT™, together with the CX4, means you can cut almost any shape automatically, in one program.

Why is this useful?
On the 22” LCD display, the proposed cut-outs can be virtually arranged in the ScandSOFT™ program by the operator, on top of a photo of the actual slab you’ll be cutting. It’s just like manually laying out a template on the slab of a manual cutting operation, only with the CX4 you do it on a computer screen.
You are able to print the image for yours and the customer’s fi nal approval. Now you can check inherent patterns, fissures, anomalies or defects in the stone before you cut it. This nesting program optimizes your time and reduces waste.

Optional solutions on request

Sawing aggregates Sawing / Drilling aggregates Aggregates for special operations Camera for slab imaging and photo nesting Automatic tool measuring

Benefits to be mentioned

•  Easy to install and operate
•  Compact size
•  Fully automated tool change
•  ScandSOFT software included
•  Interpolated, automatic 4-axis

Technical data

Dimension of the worktable
3800 mm x 1900 mm 153.5 x 74.8 inch
Cutting stroke X-axis (along back)
3350 mm 131,8 inch
Cutting stroke Y-axis (in and out)
1900 mm 74,8 inch
Cutting stroke Z-axis (up and down)
450 mm 17.7 inch
Motor Power
9,2 kW 12,3 Hp
Max rotation on the spindle unit
12000 rpm  -
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4500x3050x2900 mm 177x120x114 inch
4500 kg 9920 Ibs


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