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C3 Compact CNC Work Center   C3 - Compact CNC Work Center
The easiest way to make kitchen tops & sink bowl cutouts!
C3 is a milling and engraving stone CNC machine designed as an affordable way to help remove the bottleneck in your production.
C4 Compact CNC Work Center   C4 - Compact CNC Work Center
Great for kitchens. Great for monuments.
For stone fabrication, C4 is a fully automated stone CNC machine that is as effective for monuments and memorials as it is for kitchen tops.
CX4 4-axis CNC Work Center   CX4 - 4-axis CNC Work Center
Sawing, Milling, Polishing - Full production, just one machine!
The CX4 has been designed with high production in mind. With the CX4’s compact design, open gantry for easy loading and innovative, easy-to-use software you will save valuable time on the whole CNC process.
Edgetec 3500 Fully Automatic Edge Polisher   e3500 - Fully Automatic Edge Polisher
The revolutionary edge polishing machine!
Scandinvent’s line of compact stone fabrication equipment and stone CNC machinery continues with the fully automatic e3500, a single-head edge profile and polishing machine.
SX5 5-axis CNC Saw   SX5 - 5-axis CNC Saw
Interpolated 5-axis fully automatic CNC stone saw
The SX5 is an interpolated, 5-axis, powerful (15-21 HP spindle) fully automated stone CNC saw.
The SX5 follows ScandInvent’s tradition of brilliant innovation for simple operation. The SX5 ensures high production and efficient stone fabrication.
ScandSOFT Management Software   Smart Stone Workshop Management Software
ScandSOFT Business software helps you to control and organize your business in a simple way. ScandSOFT Business System provides you with control and management of business resources and facilitates the business process.


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