Smart Stone Workshop Management Software

ScandSOFT Business software helps you to control and organize your business in a simple way. ScandSOFT Business System provides you with control and management of business resources and facilitates the business process.

ScandSOFT Business helps you control the following:

Make sure that your offer is the one that stands out! ScandSOFT Business helps you create professional and convincing offers which can be quickly converted to orders. Create an offer that will show your clients the actual stone you will use along with all the kitchens features.

Turn more offers into orders! ScandSOFT Business professional offers are easy to turn into orders. Make sure that you and your customer are in agreement with an easy to operate order database.

When you make an offer or receive an order, ScandSOFT Business will let you know what materials and accessories to order and the suppliers details are a few clicks away. How long does that supplier take to deliver? Make a note of it on ScandSOFT. It will also help you to keep you up to date with your suppliers and help you to create a simple, easy to manage supplier database.

What is the minimum amount of impala you need in stock? ScandSOFT Business will tell you when you need to order more. Keep track and maintain control of your stock, reduce the need for inventories and reserve material for specific jobs.

Keep your whole company informed. Your production team will know, by a work order, when they need to start a job so that it will be ready for delivery and your installers will know when they should pick the job up an install it. Make sure you, your employees and your customers know when all the orders will be delivered and will arrive.



ScandSOFT Business includes an Easy Nesting and full CAD program! Contact us to find out more about the ScandSOFT Business Software.
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