e3500, the revolutionary edge polishing machine!

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Scandinvent’s line of compact stone fabrication equipment and stone CNC machinery continues with the fully automatic e3500, a single-head edge profile and polishing machine.

Profile and polish granite, marble and engineered stone with a thickness from 10mm (0.39inches) up to 100mm (3.9inches). Shape and polish the front and ends of work tops up to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) long and any width you like.

Additional possibilities are Ogee profiles and a “stop polish” function that allows you to stop the program at any point on the stone for “L-shaped” worktops.

Profile and polish backsplash, strips and borders with an optional holding device that allows for clamping of thin and narrow work pieces to be machined as narrow as 70mm (0.3 inches).

All of this in a fully automated machine with fully automatic tool change, an easy to operate touch screen panel ready programmed with all the standard profiles, and a powerful 3HP hydraulic spindle.

Designed for stone fabricators, the e3500 is the most user friendly, easy-to-operate, low maintenance, state of the art edge profile and polisher on the market. It can be adapted by the operator to work on all stone, including granite, marble and engineered stone.

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Benefits to be mentioned

•  Easy to install and operate
•  Compact size
•  Hydraulic spindle motor
•  Automatic tool changer
•  Vacuum table
•  Affordable
•  Low water use (6-10 litres per minute)

Technical data

Spindle power 3 hp
Max workable length 3500 mm / 11.66 ft.
Thickness range 10-100 mm / 3/8” - 4”
Automatic tool changer 8 pos
Height of worktable 950 mm / 35”
Length 4540 mm / 179”
Depth 1400 mm / 55”
Height 1340 mm / 53”
Weight 800 kg / 1,760 lbs


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